MURPHY’S LAW: Snowmageddon, DirecTV, Your Mom

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By: John Sears

So the mayans were almost right.  12 inches of snow in Des Moines?  Yowza.  I purchased a snowblower a couple years ago, still one of the best purchases ever.  shoveling snow sucks, using a snowblower is still tough work, but its 10X as fast.  I don’t mind snow, but 12 inches at a time, mixed with ice and slush is not fun. 

I love DirecTV…When it works.  Ever since the snowstorm hit only my local channels and a few other cable channels work.  DirecTV is ‘supposed’ to have this great technology to fight through storms and only let your cable go out for 10-20 minutes during a storm.  That’s a lie. 

The Iowa men beat South Carolina State last night 90-46.  marble 2I’m pretty sure Iowa could have gathered the best ‘pick up game players’ at the rec center and still won.  That being said I’m glad seeing the Hawks blow someone out. 3 years ago Iowa beat SC State by 13. 

Devyn Marble is turning in to a legit Big 10 player.  If he continues this type of scoring during the conference season, watch out.

Iowa State beat the Kangaroos, next up Yale. 

Your Mom

‘Your Mom’ won the national roller derby championship.  No joke.  A men’s roller derby team from Des Moines named ‘Your Mom’ recently won the national championship.  I didn’t even know men’s roller derby existed.  None the less, congrats to these guys, they can really skate.