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AGRIBUSINESS: NCGA Announces National Yield Winners

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Thanks in part to advanced production techniques, informed growing practices and improved seed varieties - corn growers achieved high yields in the National Corn Growers Association 2012 National Corn Yield Contest. Entrants continued to far surpass the national average corn yield - even doubling it in some instances. That’s despite the severe drought that plagued much of the Corn Belt. NCGA Production and Stewardship Action Team Chair says the contest advances farming as a whole - as the techniques and practices contest winners develop provide the basis for widely used advances that help farmers across the country excel in a variety of situations - including drought. He says the contest highlights how innovation from growers and technology providers allow growers to meet the increasing demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber.

Now in its 48th year - the National Corn Yield Contest is NCGA’s most popular program for members. The 2012 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest neared the participation record set last year with 8,262 entries.

The 18 winners in six production categories had verified yields averaging more than 316.3222 bushels per acre - compared to the projected national average of 122.3 bushels per acre in 2012. NCGA notes that while the national average yield projection is down significantly from last year’s projection of 146.7-bushels per acre - the contest average actually rose by more than three-bushels per acre. While there is no overall contest winner - the top yield among first place finishers was 384.3609 bushels per acre.

A complete list of national winners is available at www.ncga.com. Just click on the “For Farmers” tab and then follow the National Corn Yield Contest link. The national and state contest winners will be honored in Kissimmee, Florida during the 2013 Commodity Classic. Contest winners will also be featured in a special edition of Progressive Farmer magazine.

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