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SNOW DRIVING: Deputies Total Up Accidents

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A lot of people who took a chance and drove on bad roads during the winter storm are paying for it now. Metro body shops are seeing the aftermath of the storm, cars damaged in crashes and fender-benders.

Workers at Scotty’s body shop in Des Moines say business has picked up in the past 24-hours. The cars at Scotty’s are just a small fraction of those damaged in the storm.

In Polk County alone Sheriff’s Deputies say they responded to 55 accidents, 83 cars in ditches, and 375 stalled cars between Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning.

Through out the entire state, the Iowa State Patrol says they responded to 384 calls for assistance, 195 accidents, 563 calls for motorist assistance, and 92 calls to tow a vehicle obstructing traffic.  

They noted that their figures do not include crashes that occurred, but have yet to be responded to by Troopers due to the large volume of reports.

Both departments want to remind drivers that posted speed limits are intended for normal driving conditions and as the roads remains wet and icy drivers should be traveling at speeds well below the limit.

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