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MURPHY’S LAW: Dunk Fest, Hanrahan Traded, Alcoholic Presents

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By Chris Hassel

What a dunk fest in Iowa City, Saturday. The Hawks threw down 11 slams on Coppin State en route to an 80-50 win. Iowa won by 30 despite going 0-for-17 from 3-point range. That’s hard to do. The Hawks have to become more consistent from outside if they want to make a run at the NCAA Tournament. 


Iowa’s win was its sixth straight. The last time the Hawks did that was 2004. At 11-2, Iowa has set itself up nicely for the Big Ten season. A 9-9 conference record should get them into the tourney. 

It looks like the Pirates are going to deal 2x All-Star, Joel Hanrahan, to the Red Sox. The Norwalk native is set to make $4.1-million, this season, and over $7-million in 2013. I wonder which tax bracket that puts him in?

I had my first meal at Exile Brewing Company in downtown Des Moines, Friday night. I highly recommend it. Great atmosphere. Great food. Great drinks. Great everything. 

Keith sent me a picture of a beer that was 15% ABV. I was stunned. Keith refuses to touch anything over 5% alcohol. That’s why he drinks Guinness (it has less alcohol and fewer calories than every other beer). It turns out he just took the picture to impress Andy and I. He didn’t touch it…which is probably a smart decision. 

I have alcohol on the mind because I went Christmas shopping today. When all else fails, I usually just buy my friends some kind of booze. All else failed several times today. 

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