GUN SALES: Local Shops See Sales Skyrocket

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With Congress expected to discuss so-called assault weapons restrictions next year, local gun shops say they are seeing sales skyrocket. "I've had a gentleman drive in from Kansas City today, California has called me, Rhode Island, someone from Connecticut just called." Says Aleksandra Hofman with JT Guns and Supply on Mearle Hay Road, "I have Saint Louis, someone driving up from Saint Louis, people from Iowa City, had the same couple from Iowa City come in three days in a row."

At JT Guns and Supply, they’ve sold about 40 AR-15 rifles in the past week, leaving their shelves bare. They’ve also sold about 800 high capacity ammunition magazines. The owners tell us, sales are so strong around the country, their suppliers can’t even get them more.

"Like three days before Christmas I maybe had 30 of these (AR-15 Rifles) and I had 10 in my safes." says Maciej Hofman with JT Guns and Supply, "And now I"

The Polk County Sheriff’s Department and the Des Moines Police Department will not take a stand on whether they believe the weapons should be outlawed. But a spokesperson for each department says they will enforce whatever laws are enacted.

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