ICY ROADS: Crews Trying To Clear Ice

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As we prepare for more winter weather, public works crews are still trying to clean up from the first storm of the season. The icy conditions still on the roadways are causing motorists to slip and slide, but public works crews say they're doing the best they can.

Public works crews have been trying to remedy the slick roads but it’s a challenge.

Public Information Officer for Public Works Chuck Burrell says the ice is hard to get off the roads due to the weather conditions when the snow started falling.

“The snow came with warm temperatures, allowing the snow and the ice to bond on the road, and we're now going back through the residential areas, to clean up the bonded snow the best we possibly can,” says Burrell.

Crews have been going through residential areas to help break down the ice, and although they can't remove it all, they're slowing shaving away a little ice at a time to improve driving conditions.

“We've been working around the clock, to make sure we are keeping the streets as clean as possible and making them safe for travel,” says Burrell.

The weather is also too cold for a salt mixture. The temperature needs to be at least 20 degrees for the salt to start melting the ice-proving yet another obstacle for crews to overcome. For now salt is being spread on the roadways to provide some traction for motorists.

“Des Moines Pubic Works has been prepared and were going to continue to work around the clock to keep this snow and keep fighting Mother Nature,” says Burrell.

Crews also started spreading a de-icing material on the snow routes Thursday afternoon to be prepared for any winter weather we may see later on.

If you have concerns with your street or see an area that needs attention, please call Public Works at 515-283-4950 or email them through their website at: http://www.dmgov.org/departments/publicworks/Pages/default.aspx

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