MURPHY’S LAW: Go Away Please, No Les Miz, News Aging

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If you’re going to walk in Memphis, with your feet ten feet off of Beale, take a parka. It’s cold.

The Indiana vs Iowa basketball game on New Year’s Eve afternoon–Eve afternoon?–is a sellout.

If you could only watch one, would you pick Liberty Bowl, or Hawks vs Hoosiers?

We asked our Murph & Andy Show listeners who they’d like to see go away in 2013. Among the many suggestions (too many to list here): Tim Tebow, Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, ESPN, the “We’ll never find a coach better than Kirk Ferentz” crowd, Lance Armstrong, A-Rod, Jim Rome, Rex Ryan, Notre Dame fans, the people in the last boarding group who stand in front of the terminal as soon as first class starts boarding, Chris Hassel (wish granted, sadly), Donald Trump, all Kardashians, Mike & Mike, Royce White on Twitter, Honey Boo-Boo, Greg Davis, and Doug McDermott (huh?).

Central Michigan won a bowl game. There’s another sign of too many bowl games.

Duke was about to win its first bowl game in more than 50 years, when a fumble opened the door for a late Cincinnati comeback. Overheard in the sports office from producer Dan Hendrickson, “Why did I feel bad for a moment. It’s Duke! Can’t feel sorry for Duke.” Football, maybe.

I met my wife for dinner at Noodles, which is just down the street from channel 13. After she dropped me back off, Jenny rolled down the window and shouted, “”Hey, I no longer want to see Les Miz. I heard they sing EVERY line. That’s stupid.” Yes, she knew it was a musical, but she thought it was a musical where songs occasionally break out from the spoken dialogue, like Grease or Chicago. (Picture Hugh Jackman singing the following:) I must say I’ve had several people tell me the Les Miz movie is incredible. (Okay, stop.) And bring the tissues.


I’ll bet they’re singing.


No singing in Jack Reacher. I’ve read the book, so I knew every plot twist. Makes it hard to judge. I enjoyed Jack Reacher, even if Tom Cruise is nothing like the character in the book. I’ll give it a B. It’s PG13, but should be R for violence.

My longtime friend, and now comedian, Vic Cohen, sent this picture from our days on the job in Macon, Georgia. Working in news aged me 10 years for each year worked. This must be my first day. I left two years later looking as I do now.

Murph early years

What’s with this shirt? It looks like a pajama top.







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