MURPHY’S LAW: ISU Favored, Andy’s Pennant, Astoria’s Shirt

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By Chris Hassel

Iowa State is now favored to win the Liberty Bowl. After starting off as a 3-point underdog, ISU is now a 1-point favorite. I think the Cyclones get it done. If you can do it once, you can do it again. 

Drake opens up MVC play, tonight, in Peoria. The Bulldogs beat Bradley all three times last season, but Bradley was awful. The 8-4 Braves have already eclipsed last season’s win total of 7. 

I’m excited to cover Iowa’s Big Ten opener against 5th-ranked Indiana. It will be the final game I cover for Channel 13. Hopefully the Hawks send me out in style with a big upset victory. 

My dad has quite the collection of old pennants. We found one we thought Andy might like. A 1966 St. Louis Cardinals pennant. I gave it to him last night. Hopefully he likes this more than the 12 pack of spotted cow I gave him a month ago that’s still sitting unopened under his tree. 


Happy birthday to my wonderful wife, Kristin! She turns 29. The first of many more 29th birthday’s to come! According to most, it’s the last birthday you can actually celebrate. 

My niece, Astoria, just received a new shirt. I think it’s her new favorite! 


I like Tom Coates and Consumer Credit of Des Moines. They helped me out a few years ago. But I think it’s time to update some of the commercials that were shot in the 90’s. One of the commercials features an old credit card swipe deal that was popular in the 80’s! Then again, maybe they don’t have it in the budget considering they didn’t even charge me for my consultation. Keep up the good work, Tom!

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