BUDGET CUT: U Of I Hospitals End Ride Service

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After serving Iowans for 80-years a free service at the University of Iowa Hospitals is coming to an end. The hospital has been working to trim their budget and one thing that will help is ending the free ride service to Iowa City.
The change will impact about 10,000 people across the state.

The hospital has offered free transportation to patients enrolled in the Iowa Care program for the last 80 years. They say the service costs them about $600,000 per year and now they will be able to spend that money on patient care.
The change has patients like Summer Diver wondering how she’ll make it to her next appointment. “If I can’t get to the doctor for him to do checkups and routine maintenance, then how am I going to get the prescriptions to get my refills anyway? It’s kind of like, oh my god, am I going to run out of insulin? And then be ill and having to make trips to the emergency room?” she said.

A hospital spokesperson says declining use of the service is behind the cut.  Patients have recently been turning to regional hospitals or local clinics for care.