MORNING BUZZ: Smoke and Mirrors, iDiot, and Coffee!

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Good Morning!

I am sitting on the set as I write this enjoying a cup of coffee from my favorite doughnut shop.  No commercials right?  

I didn’t have the home-made stuff this morning because my coffee maker did it’s semi-annual impression of Mt Vesuvius.  I awoke to coffee grounds and coffee all over the counter.  I apparently didn’t have the carafe in the exact spot it needed to be so the water backed up in the filter.  What a MESS!  not the way to start the day.  

Then I remembered this late night drive-thru Jeriann talked about a few weeks ago.  I hustled out the door so I could get over there only to find it closed!  I had to settle for another drive-thru cup of coffee from another fast food joint, and had t wait while they brewed it.  It had already been a disappointing trip to work and I actually thought as I got out of the car, “at least my day can’t get worse”.  I didn’t realize the lid wasn’t on the coffee.  So I spilled scalding coffee all over my gloveless hand…it’s been a great morning.

Smoke and Mirrors

The more I thought about the pending deal to avoid the fiscal cliff…the more I thought we were all being manipulated.  Lawmakers, the White House, Economists, A Federal Commission…they’ve all agreed a balanced approach of spending cuts and revenue increases are needed to get the federal budget back on the right track.  That HAS TO include Social Security and Medicare reform.  It has to include spending cuts.  This deal does not.  It only includes a tax increase.

I wondered why the President would agree to put off the spending cuts for three months?  The last time they had this debate, The President said he would never link budgeting and the Debt ceiling.  So why do it?  So everyone can save face.  In a couple of months…watch…if The President “caves” on spending cuts and entitlement reform to get the debt ceiling increased I would bet it was part of this deal.  It gives everyone a way to go back to the flanks of their party and say they had no choice.  It gives the President a win on raising taxes and Republicans get the spending cuts and entitlement reform…  

Of course there’s a good chance I am totally wrong about that…it just feels like too big of a coincidence that the timing works out this spring.


Why is it always the kids who have such trouble understanding how technology works?  Seriously sometimes it’s the teenagers that were basically born with a tech gene that have a hard time understanding…do something online or with a mobile device…adn it can be tracked.  Aaron Brilbeck’s story about a women who had her iPod stolen is proof.  The kids who they think stole the device, started taking pictures on the thing that were then uploaded to the icloud!  Hey dummy, we have a picture of you and the stolen iPod you are using!  The family’s larger concern was that the pictures included a young man holding a gun to his head and in his mouth.  They say they want the device back, no questions asked…and offered to help this kid.  Only in Iowa would someone be that nice about their stolen iPod.   

More to the point, did anyone recognize the kids?  It’s a small town.  I can’t imagine they are going to remain anonymous for more than 24 hours.

New Shoes

One more funny story that almost every parent will relate to.  We needed to get our kids new shoes.  The ones they were wearing were literally coming apart.  So we took them over to Scheel’s to get fitted and see what they had.  When I suggested the trip, JT started in saying, “I don’t need new shoes…these shoes are perfect for my feet…I don’t want new shoes.”  All the way to the store he talked about not needing shoes and how he wasn’t going to get any…he even told us on the way in that he was “too exhausted” to buy shoes.  He continued to make the case for his old shoes to the nice young woman who was measuring his feet.  We then turned him around and offered to let him pick out his shoes…  Well, his eyes lit up and he dropped any loyalty to his old shoes like a bad habit.  All day long his rant about not needing new shoes was replaced by an endorsement of the new ones.  

Just more proof my wife and I are running a nuthouse.

I hope you have a good day.