SOLD OUT: Snowmobile Dealers See Big Rush

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With one big storm, Mother Nature evened up her accounts with a few area businesses. The pretty white flakes falling from the sky weren’t snowflakes; they were white pennies from heaven for snowmobile dealers.

After enduring one its worst winters ever, last year, the business sprang to life.

“The day after Christmas, we had more people in here than an open house we had during the summer,” said Clay Smith with Hicklin Powersports in Grimes. Last year they sold 5 sleds, but this year, “in this last week, we`ve sold all of our snowmobiles except for two.”

Inventory is low or dry at most Iowa dealers.  The fun on the trails likely belongs to those who were on the ball when the snow started to fall. 

Snowmobiles can hit top speeds of over 100 miles per hour, but the thrills aren't cheap.  Prices on new models start at around $9,000.