THE INSIDERS: Fiscal Cliff Hangover

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On this week’s The Insiders, Channel 13′s Dave Price sits down with former Congressman Leonard Boswell to talk about the last thing he voted for as a member of Congress, the Fiscal Cliff.

Later, Andy McGuire, 2006 Democrat Governor candidate, and 2002 Republican Governor candidate, Doug Gross, discuss the prospects for the state’s political parties.

Part 1

Boswell Cliff hangover:

Part 2

Boswell on the Josh Omvig Suicide Prevention Act, an act to help veterans returning home suffering from PTSD:

Part 3

Doug Gross on making Republicans relevant and Andy McGuire on picking a new state party chairperson:

Part 4

Future of healthcare in wake of double-digit increases:

Part 5

Predictions for the upcoming year:

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