TWEET HAPPY: Iowa Teen Spreads Positivity

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The phrases “kill them with kindness,” or “treat others the way you want to be treated” aren’t always put into practice, but now an eastern Iowa teen is using them to help fight cyber bullying.

Iowa City West High School junior Jeremiah Anthony is using the power of positive thinking to help other students and even teachers at his school.

“You should definitely not be such a coward you have to hide behind a screen and say bad things to people,” says Anthony.

The 17-year-old is using social media to send daily compliments to classmates’ Twitter accounts.  He’s sending tweets like: “Your encouraging personality and generosity toward others makes you very likable,” and “You make everyone happy with your quirkiness.”

Now, his friends are helping him under the handle WestHighBros.

The group has sent more than 3,000 tweets to build up others’ confidence and self-esteem.

Students who have received a tweet from WestHighBros say it has brightened their day and made them feel better.

The boys say their parents might be a little surprised to hear this story. Like most teenagers, they didn’t tell their parents what they were doing on social media.