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MORNING BUZZ: Condition of the State, 2nd Thoughts and Rory vs Tiger

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Good Morning!

Condition of the State

The Governor gets to get up and say the state is in good financial shape, has some money to spend or give back in the form of tax cuts and he will make what I am sure will be a popular proposal to reform Iowa’s education system.  If you asked me whether this Governor would be this successful two years into his term…I’m not sure I would have said yes.  There were some big obstacles.  It seems this Governor is going about his job with a luxury few politicians have…he really doesn’t care about being re-elected.  now he may run, and he may win…but it makes a big difference that the leader of the state isn’t looking at every decision through the prism of his future in politics or a run for higher office.  

Political Opportunity

A bill bearing the names of two girls kidnapped and killed in Eastern Iowa is supposed to help prevent a situation like this…

A question: If we don’t know what the circumstances of their death were, how can this actually help?  This stinks to me like lawmakers trying to LOOK like they’re doing something, rather than actually doing something to help.  An Eastern Iowa lawmakers wants to write a law “allowing” law enforcement to release details of a disappearance like this sooner.  I wasn’t aware they were restricted in the information they could give out.  They couldn’t issue an Amber Alert, that’s true.  That’s because an Amber alert is a specific thing, a specific set of circumstances that people are now aware of.  If you start issuing Amber Alerts for every kid that is missing…you confuse what has been a VERY successful way to prevent kidnappings.

2nd Thoughts

The City of Des Moines is having a discussion about gun laws.  I’ve written about this a couple of times so I won’t bore you with more.  This isn’t Deadwood…you don’t need the sheriff standing at the City limits taking guns away.  i understand everyone’s motivation to make the city as safe as possible but we already know the Feds are going to enact some laws/executive orders.  How about we see where that comes down and make a decision after that.  Now if the city wants to talk about its safety procedures..it’s response to a mass shooting…I am all for that.  Better to have a plan in place.  

And one more thing.  I believe in someone’s right to own guns…but to the guy who stood up at the Council meeting and tried to argue the second amendment makes no mention of restrictions of certain types of ammunition or guns…The first sentence of the amendment has the two words WELL REGULATED.  What does that mean to everyone else…cause to me, it means the government retains to power to regulate the ownership of firearms.   


Lance Armstrong admitted he doped to Oprah and apologized to the people at Livestrong.  I saw a crazy statistic online connected with all of this.  It said the highest finisher in the Tour De France, not connected with doping of any kind, was 23rd!  How crazy is that?  Sports fans will forgive almost anything…this one I am not so sure about.  How does this NOT ruin the sport of cycling?  If there was worldwide popularity for the sport, it was, in large part because of Armstrong.    


So I am going to see Dorris Kearns Goodwin at tonight’s Greater Des Moines Partnership Dinner.  Sally got me the tickets after I totally geeked out when I heard she was coming to speak.  I am a fan.  I even get the chance to go to a pre-dinner reception.  So if I get to ask her anything…what should I ask the author?

Tiger vs Rory

Have you seen the new ads?  Rory McIlroy moved over to Nike yesterday.  Here’s the first of many Tiger/Rory commercial to come.

Have a good day!