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NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Burglaries Cause Concern

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In the last six months, there have been more than sixty burglaries in the Beaverdale neighborhood. Police say that's actually lower than what it was the year before. Neighbors have had enough, and are now asking the Des Moines City Council to step in and help.

“The first thing I would like to see is if there are budgets coming down the line and the city is looking at something, I would like for them to just give the money to the police. Give them what they need to do the job they need to do,” said Ronnie Hawkins, from Des Moines.

In the meantime, Ronnie Hawkins is taking matters into her owns hands, and putting it into the hands of her neighbors. She’s helped everyone become aware of the situation and get to know each other. Neighbors have all exchanged phone numbers, meet with each other regularly, and let each other know when they'll be gone so their house is watched. They're even working on a neighborhood watch program.

As victims of a recent home burglary, the Hawkins family knows just how important all kinds of prevention are.

“At one point I felt like the house was an easy target. We provided the security that they needed so that nobody could see them from the street, we didn’t have a security door on the back door that made it easy for them to kick the back door in and get into the house, and then the alarm system, we didn’t have one,” said John Hawkins.

The Des Moines Police Department says burglaries are something they are very concerned with and dedicated to city wide. They have officers, or a type of “task force” dedicated to those crimes in several neighborhoods, but Beaverdale is not one of them.