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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Virtual Training

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Technology is making it easier than ever to work up a sweat.  All you need is an internet connection, a smart phone, a tablet or a computer.

Personal trainer, Angie Galleghar is able to workout with people around the globe without even leaving her West Des Moines studio.

"Good morning Julie.  How are you doing?" asks Angie.

Julie is her client, even though Julie lives in Idaho.

"I’ve had lots of clients who used to live here and they move away and we lament that we wish we could continue training," says Angie.  "Now with this virtual training, I’m able to reconnect with people, even clients in South America."

The workout session is all online, allowing you to workout with Angie in your home, your office or on the road.

"You just need an internet connection.  That’s all you need."

There's no need to go to the gym, no fancy equipment and no excuse for not working out.

"Yeah, this is right there in your home.  It’s like having me come to you," says Angie as she takes Julie through a squat sequence.

Group classes are also offered online, as are pre-recorded workouts.

"Then you can make that work for your schedule, there’s a lot more flexibility and accessibility because it’s based on your time frame and not having to connect with somebody live."

But as always, be sure to check the credentials of your online trainer.

 "You have to be very careful," says Angie.  "You want to be sure you know who you’re hiring."

Angie suggests hiring an accredited fitness expert and she says be wary of trainers who off nutritional advice.

"That’s another red flag, because unless they’re a registered dietician, that’s not a safe area for them to go."

But if you're on the go, online training may be the perfect fit for your fitness routine.