CONSTRUCTION SURPRISE: Buried Railroad Cars Found

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An underground discovery has put a construction site on hold in Waterloo.

Construction workers were busting up concrete to get ready for a new project when they found four large tanker railroad cars underneath.

The largest tank is designed to hold 10,500 gallons; the other three are smaller, holding 7,500 gallons.

Waterloo City Planner Chris Western says the discovery isn’t as rare as you might think. Railroad cars and tankers were often used as a cheap way to store fuel oils or leftover solvents.

“I’ve probably seen five railroad cars and probably 20 just regular tanks,” Western said. “We’ve found them in very strange places, in the middle of the street when we’re going street reconstruction. “

The city needs to determine if the tanks were cleaned and closed properly, then they plan on hauling them to the scrap yard.

It will cost the city about $2,000 to clean up the tanker cars and remove them.

Thanks to our sister station KWWL for this story.