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GROWING PROBLEM: Admitted Smoker Says Police Overreacted

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As a Des Moines couple faces charges for growing pot in their home, one state lawmaker is pushing for a law to legalize medical marijuana.

"They arrested my mom. My wife. She's never done anything." Matthew Jones admits, he screwed up, growing pot in his south side home. He was busted this past weekend. He says he's embarrassed, but never expected this. Police trashed Jones' home while searching it for more drugs and evidence. He says he only smokes the pot because he suffers with back and hand pain from rheumatoid arthritis. "Granted they had a right to be in here, but we deserve a little more respect than that."

Representative Bruce Hunter (D) Des Moines agrees. "If what this gentleman is saying is true do we need to be wasting police time. Do we need to be hassling this guy? Do we need to be trashing his house over an issue that he's trying to relieve his pain?"

Hunter is sponsoring a bill that would legalize medical marijuana, although he admits he does not expect it to become law. Hunter says he's just trying to foster discussion

Des Moines Police say Jones had 150 pot plants in his home worth about $100,000 on the street. They say they had to search the house for more drugs or weapons and sometimes that causes a mess.