MONEY TROUBLE: St. Patrick’s Parade In Danger

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Saint Patrick’s Day is exactly two months away, but the only green the parade will be seeing this year is the one with the dollar sign.

“We want to keep doing the parade, but obviously there is the concern if we can continue to do the parade,” said Ed Modglin, President of Friendly Sons of St. Patrick’s.

The Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick is the organization who puts on the parade. They received a 3-year-old bill from the city saying they owed money that they didn't even know about.

Modglin said, “We didn’t really have that kind of money lying around to pay for these extra expenses that kind of caught us off guard.”

The organization owed the city $5,000 for hooding parking meters along the parade route. Both parties also agreed the route should be safer.

A new crowd control barricade would cost $25,000, which is money the organization doesn’t have.

Assistant to the City Manager, Kandi Reidhl said, “We need to do something to try to keep people off the street where the floats are going and children are running out grabbing the candy.”

However, both the City and parade organizers have come up with a plan for all expenses to be paid.

As for now the parades is still on, but are looking for alternative ways to cut costs.