FOOD FEAT: Woman Beats Emmenecker Challenge 4 Times

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Standing just over five and a half feet tall and weighing only 120 pounds, no would suspect a mom from Omaha could down a 5-pound meal in record time, but she did.

Molly Schuyler took Jethro’s BBQ restaurant challenge to a new level. She didn’t want to just beat their Adam Emmenecker Challenge, she wanted to beat it at all four Jethro’s locations around the metro, and she did.

After breezing through the first 3 locations, she took on her final location, Altoona, on Friday afternoon.

For Schuyler, it appears practice makes perfect, she set a new record eating the entire meal in 7 minutes and 8 seconds. That’s 22 seconds better than the last record holder.

The challenge requires the eater to consume a sandwich piled high with pork tenderloin, Angus steak burger, brisket, bacon, fried cheese, buffalo chicken tenders, cheese sauce and a half pound of waffle fries, all in 15 minutes

Over 5,000 people have tried the challenge, but only ten have completed it.

We asked her what the secret to winning was, Schuyler said simply, “don’t stop.”

Perhaps the best part of Schuyler’s win Friday, she said she wasn’t very confident heading into the challenge because she wasn’t hungry. She had eaten a six pound hamburger in Duluth Thursday night.

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