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MURPHY’S LAW: It’s Not About The Bike, Te’o Day Two, Royce Real Sports

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Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he cheated his way to seven Tour de France titles. Of course he did. Armstrong was the most dominant cyclist in a sport overrun with doping. I don’t really care. Not like I once did. I’m sadly, nearly numb to performance-enhancing drugs.

What I do care about is that Lance bullied people. Friends, teammates, reporters, anyone who tried to expose the truth. For more than a decade, Lance Armstrong tried to ruin those people, their careers and lives. It’s unconscionable.

He did admit he’s a bully. He did say he did terrible things. He did apologize. That’s a good start. Armstrong still looks like a guy who’s more sorry he got caught, then actually sorry he wronged people, but he’s so competitive, you can tell he HATES he couldn’t get away with it.

Maybe in time, he’ll make amends with people he hurt. That matters far more than cheating in a sport where nearly everyone was cheating.

I also continue hearing from people who forgive Lance anything and everything because he helped raise so much money for cancer awareness, and inspired millions. Those are not small things. He deserves credit. No man is just one thing.

Oprah Winfrey may not know much about the sport of cycling, but she’s a pro. She’s a broadcasting icon for a reason. I didn’t watch all the interview, but what I did see I thought Oprah did well, and I don’t what more anyone could want.

Manti Te’o loved the interview. It took him out of the national conversation for two hours. He’ll be back.

Still can’t believe how wacky this story is, and who knows where it leads. To me, there’s no doubt, even if Te’o was initially duped, that he kept pushing and elevating the story after he knew his girlfriend wasn’t real, even before she wasn’t dead.

Perhaps Te’o got drunk on the attention and sentiment. Or maybe he just couldn’t figure a way out. Whatever the case, it’s the most bizarre story I can remember. Fans of Homeland–I still need season 2–will enjoy this picture:

Former Cyclone, suspended Rocket, Royce White has agreed to his first lengthy interview since going on a Twitter bender. It’s with HBO’s Real Sports. I’d rather he talk to us. Or Bryce Miller at the Register, but Royce made a good choice. It won’t be a dull interview. roycewhite

The Southeast Polk wrestling team could beat some small colleges. 

Speaking of wrestling, our boy, Chan, lost a front tooth on the mat Thursday night. He insisted on finishing the match. He’s in pain, but taking it well. I can’t believe high school wrestlers in Iowa aren’t required to wear mouthguards. This is a tough way to learn it’s a good idea. 

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