MURPHY’S LAW: Super Bowl set, Hawks play like Street, Picture troubles

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By: John Sears

The Super Bowl is set.  I’m sure everyone had Joe Flacco vs Colin Kaepernick matching up for the big game.  The NFL is full of parity, this is a great example, again. 

The 49ers trailed 17-0 on the road at Atlanta.  San Fran comes back to win 28-24, that’s what you call a clutch comeback. 

I thought for sure it was going to be the Patriots, once again, representing the AFC.  But Tom terrific didn’t have it.  Brady is outgunned by Flacco.  Who saw that coming?  If you’re debating on who to root for in the Super Bowl, the Ravens may be your team.  Baltimore has a former Hawkeye and a former Cyclone on their offensive line, Kelechi Osemele and Marshall Yanda.  Not sure that’s ever happened before. 

I’m a little tired of Ray Lewis.  Hall of fame player, plays with emotion, emotional interviews, crazy intro dance…Yes, I get it, we all get it.  No one is taking anything away from him on the field.  But doesn’t it seem a little overboard?  It’s crazy how people forget Lewis was once charged with double murder.  He plead down to ‘obstruction of justice.’

What an atmosphere at Carver Hawkeye Saturday night.  Fran McCaffery says it’s the loudest arena he’s ever coached or played in.  Iowa hung on to beat Wisconsin 70-66.  The Hawks are getting better, and that was a much needed win.  13 wins, 2-3 in the Big 10, I still think the Hawks have a legit shot at making the Big dance.

Iowa honored Chris Street at halftime of the Wisconsin game.  Emotional.  I was 11 years old when Street was killed.  I vaguely remember reading about it, watching chris-street-640it on tv, etc.  I interviewed Mike Street this week about the 20th anniversary, you won’t find a better family.  Chris Street’s legacy lives on, and deservedly so.  I think it would be impossible to find someone say anything negative about Street.  All-American kid taken way too soon.  

The win at Michigan State after Street’s death is one of the most remarkable wins you’ll ever see. 

Iowa State took care of TCU on the road in front of a crowd the size of a local high school game.  Horned Frogs don’t add much to the Big 12 in basketball.

My daughter recently turned 2.  We took her to get her 2 year old pictures at JC Penny.  Disaster.  The terrible 2’s strike 2 days early.  Adrienne cried, threw a tantrum, and acted as if smiling to get a decent picture was the worst thing we’ve ever asked her to do.  We got 2 useable photos.  Welcome to parenthood.   

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