AGRIBUSINESS: New Group Wants More Animal Ag Research Funding

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The animal science department heads from 12 Land Grant Universities including Iowa State University have formed the National Association for Advancement of Animal Science (NAAAS). 

The association's goal is to address dwindling research funding for animal agriculture in the U.S. The current spending level of nearly $1.4 billion annually is well behind the $3 billion invested by Brazil and the $45 billion that China invests. NAAAS president and Texas A&M University animal science department head, Dr. Russell Cross, says the new lobbying organization addresses the need for global agriculture to nearly double its level of food production over the next 40 years. Additionally, Cross says at most land grant universities, the state provides less than 20% of the funding for animal science research. He adds that only $22 million of the $262 million annually meted out as USDA competitive grants goes to food animal research. 

Iowa State University Animal Science Department chair, Dr. Maynard Hogberg serves as the association's vice president.