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COLFAX COMEBACK: Setbacks Spur Renewal

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For the town of Colfax, the last few years have brought a plant closing,loss of jobs from nearby Maytag, as well as flooding.

”Colfax has had some setbacks the last ten years,” said Julia Kern, the Colfax Main Street Iowa Director.

Her office along with volunteers raised close to $600,000 in grant money to restore some 14 storefronts in town in 12 buildings. “We realize in order to be competitive with our neighboring communities,and just to keep on growing,we have to do more for our community,” said Kern.

The town will see new awnings, and some restored windows back to the buildings' original form. Kern said “People judge you on your downtown, you have to have a downtown and a business district where people want to be.”

The bulk of the projects are scheduled for this year. The main street office in Colfax hopes they can keep adding more renovations to its list.