DWOLLA DEAL: State Makes Partnership

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The state of Iowa is partnering with an Iowa business to provide another way for some of the fees and taxes charged by the state to be paid.

At his weekly news conference Tuesday, Gov. Terry Branstad announced a deal between the state and Dwolla. The cash-based electronic payment network allows users to pay a flat fee for a transaction instead of variable percentages and fixed-fees per transaction.

Branstad says the state is identifying several areas in which Dwolla can be helpful, like property tax payment, vehicle registration fees, and providing refunds. The first program Dwolla is being used for is allowing business to pay their cigarette stamp taxes.

“Dwolla is a safe, secure payment method, and we are proud as a state to be partnering with such a great Iowa company,” said Branstad. “This new method is an efficient, effective means of payment for Iowa taxpayers and I look forward to expanding this service into additional areas within state government.”

Dwolla charges 25 cents per transaction.