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I’m coming up for air after a rather crazy week… self-inflicted, but I managed to get a lot done. 

Except blogging!


Who is your “best friend”?  I’m lucky.  Very lucky.  I have several and I’ve gotten to see a few childhood ones within a three day span.

Bean & LisaThese are the Hunter Sisters – Lisa and Jill.  We grew up together and weathered some storms together.  Actually, we’re still weathering storms together.  Isn’t that what friends are for?  I had a great time with these two ladies Saturday night.

Bren & ErinI didn’t take a picture today when I got to have lunch with my friend Brenda, so here’s one from a few years ago.  We also go way back.  Waaaaaayyyyyyy back.  And we’ve also been through good times and bad.

The thing about these ladies and several others in my life that makes them special is the fact that we can go weeks, months, even years without seeing each other and pick right back up like there’s been no time or distance between us.  And we never guilt each other about not calling or visiting.  And we make each other laugh so hard we almost pee.  And we hug each other when we need to cry. 

Mommy Rant

One of Michael’s friends from high school shared this on her facebook page.  If you have kids… you will love this “Welcome to Motherhood” video.