NO DEFENSE: James Beaudrie Pleads Guilty

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James Beaudrie was scheduled to appear for a pre-trial hearing Tuesday.  Instead, he entered guilty pleas to three counts of second degree sexual abuse.

Beaudrie says he molested three of his daughters - all of them under the age of 16. He says his wife Kijua not only knew about the abuse, she aided him in committing his crimes.

The pair owned a store located in Merle Hay Mall according to prosecutors the couple and their nine children eventually began living at the store.  Before that, home had been one filthy hotel room after another. The children never even attended school.

“I let my children go through hell and it hurts and I`m not proud of my lack of action,” James told the court.

Kijua Beaudrie is already serving a 30-year prison sentence.  She pleaded guilty in October to three counts of neglect of a dependent person.  Defense attorneys say she was also a victim of her husbands manipulation and controlled.

Prosecutors paint a different picture of Kijua, they say she kept a detailed journal of the abuse and placed her husband`s desires over her children`s needs.

James Beaudrie’s own attorneys say they have no defense for his crimes. “We spoke with Mr. Beaudrie at length regarding any defenses and we do not believe we have any affirmative defenses to pursue,” they announced in court.

The judge ordered Beaudrie be held without bond prior to sentencing, which will take place on March 8th. He faces up to 75-years in prison.

The children are in the care of juvenile court.