Morning Buzz: Post Inaugural Random Thoughts

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Good Morning.

It was a short day for me Monday because of the Inaugural.  We took the opportunity for a little “team building”.  The Ladies on the morning show decided we should go to Hooters for lunch.  Now I’m not going to complain because I like their wings…  Anyway it was a first for most of the women who we work with and now they can say they’ve “been there done that”.  Also, nothing says “Peaceful Transition of Democratic Power” like a lunch at Hooters.    I enjoyed a few Daytona Wings and made sure I spent a little more time on the treadmill last night.     


So I ended up watching a lot of the Inaugural ceremonies yesterday.  I admit to enjoying the pomp and circumstance…the History of the day.  I thought the music was particularly good.  Anytime James Taylor sings…I’m in.  I’m disappointed I can’t find any of the music on iTunes.

The President’s speech was fine.  I fond myself susceptible to the hope that often accompanies these events…Just because a politicians says he wants to work with the other side…just because he evokes the founding principles, doesn’t mean any of this is going to get better.  I hate to be a cynic but that’s where my head was.  Soaring oratory is great but when the rubber meets the road…someone is going to have to compromise to move anything forward in Washington.

Speaking Of

Republicans are starting to reveal a bit of the debate that went on at the party’s weekend retreat.  Some of them, interviewed yesterday for a Washington Post story talked not just about winning debates, but about the fact that the party’s stated positions are out of touch with the reality of the country they mean to govern.  If I had to guess, an anonymous survey of Republicans in Congress would show that a lot of them talk a lot tougher than they actually believe on some of these issues.  I think most are so afraid of a challenge from another Republican candidate in a primary, they don’t dare stray from a position that, ironically, means they are more likely to lose a general election!


Today marks 40 years since the Supreme Court released its landmark Roe V Wade decision.  A New NBC News Wall St Journal Poll shows, for the first time, a majority of Americans think abortion should be legal in some or all circumstances.  Two thirds of the country, according to this poll say Roe v Wade should remain the law.

I would guess this will disappoint those of you who feel strongly that life begins at conception.  I wondered, however if looking more closely at the numbers might show a more complex reality.  I wonder if many of the people who responded that Roe should remain, also believe that they would not choose to have an abortion themselves?  I think that number might show a different sense of where the country’s thinking is on this issue.

Neanderthal Baby

Really?  Did this guy at Harvard see Jurassic Park?  Encino Man?  You don’t clone a species that’s extinct.

Jokes aside, this is the nightmare a lot of people opposed to stem cell research envisioned. I can’t imagine a reason to clone humans.  

It is such a fine line because I don’t think a lot of people would object if one of these lines produced a cure for Parkinson’s or found an end to a genetic disorder.  But, who is asking what happens to this child after the Professor clones it and the woman gives birth?  Is she the Mother?  Is the lab going to study the child through its life?     

The drive to advance science is admirable and in so many cases…worthwhile, but just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean we should.

Hope you all have a good day!