CLOSE CALL: Centerville Man Escapes House Fire

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A Centerville home goes up in flames leaving few options for firefighters.

The fire broke out early Tuesday, and it burned for hours before crews managed to get it under control.

The homeowner says he is lucky to be alive and he credits one thing for saving his life.

Kevin Selvy says he was fast asleep Tuesday morning when a fire broke out in what used to be his house.

“Once I realized what was going on there was a lot of smoke and stuff I just raised the window and  kicked out the screen out and climbed out the window,” says Selvy.

He soon realized his home and many memories would be lost.

“I just realized what I had in there and what I’ll probably forget that I had it takes a long time a lifetime to build up a house and for it just to be gone so quick,” says Selvy.

Firefighters say the fire spread so quickly they were unable to save the home or Selvy's pick-up, and in a town where everyone knows everyone it gets personal.

“It`s very disheartening when the end result is this even though we know we tried our best and did what we could we still know the gentleman who lived here,” says Centerville Fire Chief Mike Bogle.

Selvy says the reason he’s here today is because he invested in four smoke detectors and they all worked.

“If it wouldn`t have been for that I could have slept until it was too late,” says Selvy.

Chief Bogle says he's going to use Selvy as an example, in trying to get everyone in Centerville to have multiple working smoke detectors.

“He said himself that's why he was trying to get out the bedroom window was the smoke almost got him down, so a few more seconds would have made a big difference if he would have made it out alive or not,” says Chief Bogle.

The Centerville Fire Department currently has a program that provides both smoke detectors and batteries to residents in Centerville.

They will also send firefighters over to homes to check for any safety hazards and to make sure smoke detectors are installed correctly.