COLD…Weekend Storm…and Brain Freeze

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The north wind is blowing in the extreme lows and dangerous wind chills again tonight. There will be a wind chill advisory in effect for northern Iowa until 9AM. Our wind chills at 10PM were already well below zero in Des Moines.
We will have the cold temperatures hanging around through the rest of the week. Highs will only be in the 20s and lows will generally stay around zero.
This weekend the warmer temperatures will slid into the state Sunday….just as the next chance for rain/freezing rain/snow.
The storm looks like it will continue to move farther north on Sunday. The center of the storm is expected to move through Minnesota. That usually means warmer temps for us and a better chance for rain and freezing rain for Interstate 80 and south.
The snow will start to fall in northern Iowa Sunday evening. There could be heavy amounts of snow north of Highway 30.
Brain Freeze
Tonight during the 10PM news I called Erin Kiernan….Lynn. I knew this would happen someday…not just the fact I’m loosing my mind…but doing the quick/switch between doing the news at 9PM with Lynn Melling and then changing to the news with Erin at 10PM I would go deep brain freeze and change-up their names.
I used to worry about John Bachman getting up in years and if he would start to slip a bit on the air. Noooo! Now I’m the old man and it’s obvious the gears are starting to slip a bit. Yikes.
Stay warm tonight… and stay tuned as the big Sunday storm gets closer to Iowa. We will update you through the week on Channel 13 and Iowa’s Weather Channel… 13.2.