MORNING BUZZ: Gateway, Homeless, and Honey Laundering?

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Good Morning!

I am always surprised at what people who read this blog latch on to.  Yesterday I was talking about the inauguration, the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade and a trip to Hooters!  All people could talk about was the fact that I still use two spaces after I end a sentence.  It came up in the context of my bad typing.  I admit to the fact that I am a poor proofreader and spell check doesn’t always help.  I’m also usually writing this while trying to anchor two hours of news…probably not a recipe for success.  Anyway the debate, two spaces or one, continued this morning.  this is my conclusion: If you learned to type on a typewriter…you use two spaces.  If you learned typing in the Computer age, it’s one space.  A viewer also sent this email to clarify the change:


The reason one no longer needs to put two spaces after a period is because computers are programmed to add spacing after a period. The computer automatic spacing doesn’t equal two spaces; however, it is sufficient. The spacing in typewriters did not provide enough space to distinguish a “stop” after a period. FYI: Spacing between characters in computers is called “kerning.” It can be adjusted.

Thanks Norma, and to all of you who make this blog fun to write.


So I can see both sides of the argument over Gateway Middle School.  As a Taxpayer, it’s hard to justify a school for 171 students.  As someone considering putting his kids in Downtown School, I can see the view of the Parents who’ve worked to make Gateway an excellent place for their kids.  The school doesn’t shut down until 2014 but how about letting the kids who are in middle school close the place down by phasing it out in three years?  That way the kids who are there, and the families who’ve worked to make the school great can benefit from the effort.  Anyone going to middle school next year can be on notice…Gateway is going to be closing.  


The City of Des Moines says it wants to relocate homeless people in camps around the MLK bridge and along the city’s trail system.  These came s are more noticeable in the winter and I suppose someone could  say they are en eyesore.  They may well be a danger to the people who live there.  I have a hard time with the City’s explanation that they want to see these folks in shelters however.  The Shelters are at capacity already.  To hear the Shelters tell it, it’s not as if there are empty beds these guys are passing on right now.  

Clinton Testifies

What is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton going to add to the story of the Attack on The US Consulate in Benghazi?  I’m interested to hear but not hopeful it will be substantive to finding out where the breakdown came or why the administration seemed to have such a confused response afterward.  

Lets be honest; this is about getting the Democrat most likely to get the Presidential nomination in 2014 in the hot seat in the hopes she says something that can be used politically against her.  The truth isn’t the goal here…wounding a political foe is.  That’s politics.  If the situation were turned around I would have no doubt then Senator Clinton would be calling a  Republican Secretary of State to testify before a Senate Committee too.  Let’s not make anyone the victim here.  If there was a deliberate and malicious effort to cover the truth in the Obama Administration then I’d sure like to see or hear evidence of that.  I don’t think I will.  innuendo will be enough.  The President won re-election despite the missteps on Benghazi and all the Republicans can do now is try to wound the next in line.

Honey Laundering?

Yes it’s a thing..and it (along with other “food fraud”) costs US consumers 10 Billion dollars a year!  Who knew.  Apparently a lot of Olive oil isn’t really 100% virgin, your cod may really be catfish and even wine can be faked.  It’s an old story but CNN made it new today.


I was impressed at the variety of pie people chose as their one favorite.  I’ve never heard of Pineapple pie but apparently someone’s grandma makes a mean one.  Responses included lots of Apple, French Silk, coconut cream, banana cream, cherry.  My favorite is Lemon Merangue…hands down.  

I hope you all find something you can comment about.  I love hearing from anyone who read this…even when it’s critical…that’s just the way it is sometimes… have a great day!