MORNING BUZZ: Payback, Super-bad Guest, and Plans

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Good Morning!

I’m excited about the weekend but going into it I’m a little more tired than normal.  Sometimes your “normal” routine gets thrown off and that’s the case with me this week.

Deliveries, responsibilities, and a terrible memory all combined to cut out the few extra hours of sleep I try to get during the day.  No complaints…but we’re headed to Book of Mormon tonight at the Civic Center…can I still call it the Civic Center?  Anyway we switched from our normal Saturday night season tickets to go tonight.  I hope I can stay awake.  Shout out to my wonderful wife who did all of this so I can go play in the Eagles Poker Tournament tomorrow.  Best Wife ever.


The Iowa Legislature sounds like me after a Birthday or Christmas.  I tend to get return money and find six ways to spend it.  They’re doing the same thing under the Golden Dome.  Republicans in the Senate want to give the money back in the form of a tax credit.  Democrats say they think a tax credit is fine for SOME of the money but they also want to fix the State’s roads and bridges AND clean up Iowa’s Waterways.

This is certainly about priorities and whether you believe the State has enough money to do the work it NEEDS to do.  I emphasize that because I think that’s where people lose perspective.  What you believe The State needs to do and what someone else in a different Circumstance thinks the State needs to do can be wildly varying things.  I struggle with a lot of questions here.  The money belongs to taxpayers but how much do any of us really know about how much money the State of Iowa needs?  We would be furious if the street in front of our house was in disrepair and we’d want the City we live in to fix it.  If 235 was full of potholes, we’d want the DOT to repair it.  Do we really connect that there may be needs that benefit a lot of people…jst not us as individuals?  Is it possible those benefits to others DO come back to benefit us as well?  The State is a complex organization and gets more so every year.  For you purists who’d like to see the government perform “essential services” and nothing else: Is that realistic in the modern world?  Everything from Economic Development incentives for big companies to Medicaid assistance and EBT Cards  can be ways of keeping the state in balance and giving each Iowan a chance at success.  I just don’t think we always try to see this from someone else’s perspective.

So what should they do with the 800 million dollars?  What I should do more often…keep it in the bank.  There’s a drought looming this summer and the Economy isn’t out of the woods yet.  If you ask me the State’s best prepared for hardships are the ones with money in the bank. 


I can’t say I’ve ever noticed bad party guests at a Super Bowl gathering.  We’ve only been to a few and they are generally with friends…but Sunday night’s aren’t a big night for me anyway.  With work the next day I rarely stay up for the end of the game.  An Online Survey showed “know-it-all” fans are the worst kind of party guest.,…the ones who won’t shut up about the commercials or the game.  While this may be your picture of me during the Super Bowl, I am actually much more likely to be the one yelling at the screen.  Also a bad guest…but not as annoying.  Visit our Facebook page if you want to see some of the other responses to the question.

Quick Shots

-I believe Manti Te’o.  He was naive but he’s also a kid.  And in the end, did this hurt anyone?  He was a Heisman Finalist because of his play.

-Parenthood remains one of the best Shows on TV.  Always find a reason to tear up, always find a reason to laugh and get a better perspective on my own life.

-People still can’t merge at 63rd and 235 going west.  I have no idea why it’s so hard.

-College Basketball is a mess but that makes it more fun to watch almost any game.

-I know I’m supposed to be mad at the NHL for the lockout, but the Blackhawks are 4-0 for the first time in my lifetime.  I find I don’t care that much about the labor dispute in the rear view mirror.

-Mango Girls Scout cookies?  Call me a purist.  Give me the peanut butter and the Mint cookies and I’m good.

-Close but no cigar: JT to Will the other day: “Will, you are really scratching my buttons today”.   

That’s it for the week.  thanks to everyone who responded and participated online this week.  It’s a lot more fun to write this when you all are involved.  If you have questions or subjects you want us to take up…let me know: or just leave a comment. Hope you have a great weekend.