New Stomach Bug Spreading

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Flu season is well underway but the CDC says that’s not the only highly contagious sickness to worry about.

A new strain of norovirus is increasingly being seen in the U.S. The GII.4 Sydney strain of norovirus causes vomiting and diarrhea and can lead to severe dehydration. The elderly and the very young are at high risk for serious complications because of the illness.

The virus was first seen in Australia in March of 2012.

The CDC says of the 266 outbreaks of norovirus it saw between September and December of 2012, more than half of those diagnosed had the new strain of the norovirus.

The stomach bug is easily spread which can cause problems in enclosed spaces like cruise ships, communal living areas, and at family gatherings.

If you want to avoid getting sick you can take the same precautions the CDC advices to stop the spread of the flu, like washing hand frequently and disinfecting surfaces.