DOG RESCUED: Abandoned Canine Eats Tail

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Courtesy: North Iowa Humane Society

A golden retriever is getting a second chance at life after being abandoned.

Seven-year-old Goldie was left in a kennel for three weeks at a rental property in Forest City. She was left without food and water, and ate half of her tail to survive.

North Iowa Humane Society leaders say she was in bad shape when they first saw her.  

“Goldie showed up at 46 pounds, which is 20 pounds under weight of a normal golden retriever weight. You could see her rib cage underneath her skin. Her coat condition was in very bad shape. She was suffering from severe dehydration and starvation,” says Sybil Soukup with the NIHS.

Officials say Goldie has gained six pounds since her rescue and she is as playful as ever. Once she makes a full recovery, she’ll be put up for adoption.

There were seven other dogs in the same rental property with Goldie. They’ve all been adopted.