PARKING PROBLEMS: Violators Slow Plows

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Plenty of people will be waking Thursday morning up with warnings on their cars after parking illegally overnight. Des Moines police say this time it was a warning. Next time it will be a ticket.

Under the city's new ordinance, cars have to be off the streets any time the plows are used, unless the cars are parked in a neighborhood designated for odd-even parking. The reason is, the city has new "Wing" plows that cover more ground...except when there are cars in the way. "I'll have to stop here and lift up the blade" says frustrated plow driver Eric Barker, "To get around this car. Now reposition the blade and continue to plow. Right there we've lost a good minute or two just in that process there."

"People have used area local businesses with permission, maybe a neighbor's driveway, maybe they parked in the back off the alley." adds Public Works Director Pat Kozotza, "It's important to get that car off the streets so we can do the job they want us to do and that is clear it curb to curb."

The next time plows have to be used, the city will issue $35 tickets to anyone violating the new law.

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