PREVENTING DELAYS: Buses Battle the Snow

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The snow caused delays for some drivers, and Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART) buses were no exception.

DART officials planned ahead to keep bus schedules as close to on-time as possible.

There were several buses that got stuck in the snow on the morning commute, but dart had staff and vehicles standing by to push or pull the buses out.

Dart also brought out their own salt trucks several time throughout the day, and used a GPS system to figure out which buses need help.

In bad weather, if the bus is more than 10 minutes late, shuttles or vans will sometimes drive out to take riders where they need to go.

“We find a lot of people try the bus out on days like today because they don’t want to drive themselves, and so this is our opportunity to show them that people don’t have to drive themselves on days like this,” said Gunnar Olson, a DART spokesperson, “Our operators are professional trained and they know how to handle themselves in the snow.”

DART employees tell us they saw a lot of new faces on the buses Wednesday, and many of the buses were more full than usual.

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