EXTREME COLD: Roads Improve, Frigid Air Sets In

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The snow that fell Wednesday is still causing problems for drivers across most of Iowa, but conditions are getting better.

Roads in the metro and central Iowa are mostly or partially covered with ice and snow and roads in eastern Iowa near the Cedar Rapids area were recently upgraded to that status from completely covered in ice and snow. The DOT is reminding drivers to take it slow and drive cautiously because of slick conditions. 

Much of northwest Iowa is under normal driving conditions.

The DOT is also warning drivers to be prepared for the extreme cold. They say a breakdown or crash can be extremely dangerous as temperatures plummet.

The DOT is advising if you don`t already have emergency supplies in your vehicle, now is the time to put them in. Make sure you have a coat, hat, boots, blankets, water and a phone to call for help. You should have enough supplies for everyone in the car.

The DOT also recommends you never leave your car if you breakdown because your vehicle provides protection from the elements.