MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Hot Topic At Statehouse

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Thursday lawmakers held their first and possibly last discussion of the session on a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Iowa.

“Doing any bill let alone this one would be at the top one or two or three stupidest bills that's ever been passed by this organization in my opinion,” says Rep. Clel Baudler.

Rep.  Baudler didn't hold back his opinion on the issue of legalizing medical marijuana.

“I still do not understand the board of pharmacy’s decision to support medical marijuana and I sure as hell don't agree with it, if medical marijuana is such a big deal why hasn't the law enforcement community came to me in mass wanting this concept, supporting this concept,” says Rep. Baudler.

Rep. Bruce Hunter introduced the bill, and said he was hoping the hearing would be more open-minded.

“These aren't just some stoners as some people would say looking for their next high, they're not abstract numbers out there, they are real people looking for real relief from some real pain,” says Rep. Hunter.

People like Ray Lakers, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and says he uses marijuana to help cope with pain.

“I was diagnosed with MS nine years ago, and I’ve been lobbying for seven years and as I see things right now there is there is no progress, only regressive laws no progressive laws and my only alternative is to move to Colorado,” says Ray Lakers of Des Moines.

Those against the law, site states like Colorado and California who they say have had negative outcomes for passing similar legislation.

“We want to make sure we have a voice for those unintended consequences, that states that have passed medical marijuana laws have seen, and they have told us do whatever you can to prevent this from happening in your state because it`s bad for children,” says Center Coordinator with Blank Children’s Hospital Chaney Yeast.

The bill was voted down two to one and will not be allowed to be discussed in the House.

However, lawmakers in the Senate introduced a similar bill this week, and have yet to vote on it.