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The Cyclones haven't won a men's basketball game at Oklahoma State in a lonnnnnng time.

Last time they did, Mr 54, Lafester Rhodes played for Iowa State, Rick Astley, and his pompadour, had a #1 hit, "Never gonna give you up" and no one had been rikrolled yet. Also, Die Hard came out in theaters.

Well, it's out this year too.

But the original Die Hard, when Bruce Willis had hair, and the plot only made sense because no one had a cell phone.

Cyclones last won at Oklahoma state in 1988.

Cowboys fans know it too.

Fred Hoiberg went 0-4 in Stillwater as a player.

It starts well for ISU. Georges Niang to Will Clyburn! 35-31 Cyclones.

End of the half, Chris babb, deep three, he had 19, Clones up 7.

Then, the turning point, Marcus Smart from beyond half court, banks the three. Remember those three points. Cowboys down four.

Second half, ISU shakes it off, Clyburn adds three, cyclones up 9.

But Okie State goes on a 10-0 run.

With the final seconds and the game tied, Smart goes strong, and banks in two more. Oklahoma State lead by two, 78-76.

1.8 seconds for Iowa State. Pass to Tyrus Mcgee. He does clearly catch it out of bounds, but Hoiberg feels McGee was shoved. A rare show of emotion from the mayor.

Oklahoma State takes over. But Babb is fouled on the pass-in.  Originally ruled free throws for Babb, officials determine he didn't have possession, so Iowa State will have to inbound the ball.

Babb to McGee... For the win!  No.

More heartbreak in Stillwater for Iowa State, 78-76. Cyclones let one get away.

It gets worse for Iowa State.

The Cyclone women blow an 18 point lead at Kansas, and lose in overtime, 78-75.