PRICE OF POLITICS: Guns, Grassley and Blowers

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GRASSLEY–Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley shot down the idea of expanding background checks as a way to protect people in the future. The gun rights debate has intensified ever since the December mass shootings of 26 children and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. President Obama supports a plan for more background checks, hoping to keep guns from making their way into the hands of criminals or the mentally unstable.

But Thursday Grassley questioned on CNN how far the plan goes…would it stop a father from selling a gun to his son? Does the government need to track that type of information? He would rather see the feds work better with the states to make sure all pertinent information gets entered into existing database, rather than expanding something that he feels isn’t working so great.

BLOWN OVER–I have resisted the idea of buying a snow blower in the past. My family never had one growing up in Illinois. Sure, we had big snowfalls there. But we never bought a snow blower. I’m sure my mom’s logic was the same as her line of thinking on why we never had a dishwasher. When someone would ask her, she would say, “Why would I buy another dishwasher? I already have four of them.” I’m sure she thought that was funny. My two brothers, sister and I who made up the unhappy dishwashing foursome never found her story very humorous.

After shoveling my driveway Wednesday of the six inches or so from this latest storm, I must say I’m thinking about putting mom’s advice aside. It might be time for a snow blower. Besides, my son is only 2 1/2. And it takes him so long to shovel the driveway when all he has is that little plastic sand shovel from the beach:)

Any recommendations on a good snow blower to buy?