WIND POWER: Iowa Loses Ground

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A new report shows Iowa is losing steam in the wind power industry.

The American Wind Energy Association tracks wind energy across the country, according to their year-end report the U.S. wind energy industry as a whole had its strongest year ever, but the same can’t be said for the state of Iowa

The AWEA ranks states by their installed wind capacity, for the first time in four years Iowa dropped from the number two spot into third place.

Texas remains the state with the most wind capacity and California edged Iowa out for the number two spot.  Officials say California has been working to grow its wind power operations.

According to the AWEA California and Texas both installed more than double the amount of capacity Iowa did in 2012. There was a lot of uncertainty in the Iowa wind energy industry in the last few months of 2012 over the renewal of the federal wind energy tax credits. Two Iowa plants even laid-off workers.

Those tax credits were extended by Congress on January 1 as part of the last minute fiscal cliff package.