ERIN OFF CAMERA: Snow Day…Stinky?…Soul Food

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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  This week has seemed really long to me for some reason.  I’m tired and ready for the weekend!

Snow Day

Earlier this week my friend Keith Murphy blogged a bit about the anticipated snow day.  Those of you who read Keith’s blog regularly and saw our newscasts Thursday night know why I’m posting this picture.  People who live in glass houses (or in this case, people who have worn powder blue ruffled shirts and sported a sweet mustache) should not throw stones.


What’s your favorite snow day memory?  Mine isn’t a day when school was cancelled.  Instead, it’s the year a huge snow storm hit northwest Nebraska over Thanksgiving and we were stuck at my Aunt Kay Lynn and Uncle Carl’s house.  We all bundled up and headed out to the pasture.  My cousins hooked up tractor inner tubes behind the pickups and we spent hours speeding and bouncing around, laughing hysterically.  I’m sure this was quite dangerous, but it was a blast.  I can’t remember how old I was – pretty young, and definitely fearless!


I’ve gotten in the habit of going several days without washing my hair.  This is really gross to some people.  During a workout shoot last Friday I confessed to not having shampooed since the previous Saturday and I heard, “Ewwwwww!” from at least one person.  Here’s one article on the benefits of not washing your hair every day.  My Dad coined the nickname “dirty camper” for me for this sort of behavior one summer when I was a kid.  The showers were so disgusting at church camp that year I not only didn’t wash my hair, I didn’t shower for the entire week.  That, I do NOT recommend! 

Soul Food

I was thrilled to see this writeup in The Register’s Datebook section on Patton’s.  If you haven’t eaten there yet… you must try it.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

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