GROWING INTEREST: More Women Want Permit to Carry

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A change in state law and the deadly school shooting in Newtown Connecticut have Iowa gun classes overflowing.

Zac Fox teaches a permit to carry class in the metro. His class is one of few that actually require the participants to shoot a gun rather than just take a class. Fox says he can pinpoint the day his classes started to fill up—three days after the Newtown shooting. But with recent talk in Washington about gun control, he says the interest has stayed strong.

Another big change he has been seeing is who is signing up. Fox says lately, his classes have been filling with a lot more women.

“I’m seeing a lot more moms, a lot more families per se, people wanting to protect their loved ones and it makes a lot of sense. They see a right that’s possibly going to be taken away and they want to act on it,” Fox said, “You take start taking away rights, what’s next. People get worried about what’s going to happen next.”

Monday President Obama met with police chiefs and sheriffs from across the country in a continued effort to reduce gun violence.

The president re-enforced his call for congress to pass laws restricting access to many assault weapons and high-capacity magazine clips, as well as enforcing universal background checks for all gun buyers.

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