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Lots of random thoughts for the blog today…

*  What do think of the West Marshall wrestling team prank and the punishment that’s been decided?  The story has caused a lot of lively discussion in the newsroom so I’m curious about your opinions.

*  People have funny preconceived ideas about a lot of things.  I was struck by this last week when I was at the Y running (or trying to run) with my friend Heather Burnside.  Kevin Cooney was there and we had a nice visit but people kept looking at us with strange expressions on their faces.  When I left, a couple of people said things like, “I was surprised to see you to talking to Kevin Cooney…” to which I replied, “Huh?”anchorman It’s as if people think that because we work at competing television stations we should be squaring off for an anchor showdown like in the movie “Anchorman”.

ymca*  If you want to donate some money to good cause I recommend the YPartners Campaign.  Just a few bucks can make a big difference by providing programs and memberships to people who wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise.

*  I’ve have a new fitness gadget that I have a love-hate relationship with.

bit*  It’s called a “fitbit” and you can’t really tell by this picture but it is a teeny tiny little thing that basically functions as a high-tech pedometer.  I love it because in conjunction with my heart rate monitor and the My Fitness Pal app on my phone it’s made me very aware of my nutrition and my fitness level.  I hate it because I’m becoming painfully aware of how sedentary my job is.  I spend way too much time sitting once I get to work!  I’m parking farther away from the door and climbing the stairs every few hours but I’m still struggling to hit 10,000 steps in a day (unless I force myself to run in the morning – ugh).

baked fish*  Since I’m trying to eat healthy I made fish last week.  The entire main floor of our house smelled for days.  Do you have any tips for getting rid of food smells?

tyson*  Mike Tyson was on Law & Order: SVU last week.  Weird.  Did you see the episode?

*  I received this email from a viewer a few weeks ago after I made a comment about lawmakers in Washington proposing freezing their pay until they get their work done:  “So they have to work and then they are paid.  That’s a novel idea!!”  Great one liner.   Sarcasm is the greatest form of wit!”  I can’t decide if Steven is being sincere or if he’s being sarcastic about me being sarcastic.  What do you think.