OFFICE SPACE: Dallas County Needs More Room

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Dallas County is expanding and the county government says it is running out of space.

Dallas County has experienced a lot of growth since 2000, adding 30,000 residents. Now the county government needs more office space, including more courtrooms as required by Iowa law.

The county owns a piece of land east of Adel and is considering building new offices there, but some are lobbying the county to keep its offices in the town of Adel.

“The main problem would be our title and abstract companies who use the courthouse daily if not more often there’s three of them here, we could possibly lose three store fronts downtown,” says Bob Ockerman of Adel.

“We’ve been reviewing alternatives, we’ve been looking at three different sites in Adel, another site that was outside the city limits of Adel but is now in the City limits of Adel, we’ve evaluated a couple of school buildings we’re looking at other county properties as consideration,” says Mark Hanson, Dallas County Supervisor.

Dallas County is closing in on the 75,000 resident mark. That is when state law would require additional court space.

Supervisor Mark Hanson says the county will address its space problem once the budget hearings are done.