SPECIAL GUESTS: Iowans At State Of The Union

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Tuesday night millions of people across the United States will sit down to watch President Obama’s State of the Union address on their television; several lucky Iowans get to hear the speech in person.

Twenty-two-year-old Lee Maxwell of Wilton is on Mrs. Obama’s guest list.  The Kirkwood Community College graduate joined a wind energy training program and was invited to attend. The first lady usually sits with ordinary Americans who will benefit from the President’s policy proposals.

Captain Phillip Turner will be Congressman Tom Latham’s special guest. Turner is a commander at Camp dodge in Johnston.

Latham will also follow the recent tradition of sitting by a member of the opposite party during the president’s speech. He has asked Congressman Ed Pastor a Democrat from Arizona to join him.

President Obama is expected to talk jobs, the economy, troop draw-down in Afghanistan and gun control in the address.

Congressman Latham says he hopes to hear one thing in the speech, “I’m hoping the president will actually reach out and actually work for real solutions, and not be a partisan speech, and really work with both sides of the aisle.”