BAD VIBE: Fans Distracted By Olympic Decision

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It’s here…in town for the week…but there is more than just cheering in the air…

There’s something else…Talk of the International Olympic Committee’s decision to remove their sport from the summer games.

“Looking at some of the sports that were ahead of it," said Akron-Westfield head coach, Chad Morrow, "I was very surprised.”

“It seems to be a shame that we can have synchronized swimming and doubles table tennis but not wrestling," said Mediapolis assistant coach, Shawn Timmerman, "the oldest sport in the Olympics.”

So many have competed, here with bigger goals in mind…but what now?

“It’s one of my goals, obviously, to go to the Olympics,” said 12-year-old Nolan Smith of Audubon.

“A lot of kids will tell you their dream is to win an Olympic gold medal," Timmerman said.  "That changes a lot of things for a lot of kids.”

"Those elite athletes need something else to push for other than just the college level,” added Nate King, a fan from Manchester, Iowa.

Word out of Switzerland, today, is that wrestling’s cries of despair have reached the IOC, and that the door might still be open…and to some, that’s a good sign…

“You can always correct a bad decision and I think that’s one of the things that needs to be done, here.”

But others see something more deliberate than just a bad decision…

“In the wrestling community," said Timmerman, "it’s pretty well known that every time America starts to catch up to the international changes in rules, they change them again.”

Will it ruin our wrestling week? Not likely. Will it be on their minds? Likely so.