CAMP CLOSURE: Public Fights Girl Scout Camp Sales

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A lack of attendance has Eastern Iowa Girl Scout leaders taking a hard look at whether or not to close four Girl Scout camps.

Board of Directors Lee Mowers explained, “it’s time to look at how much we’re using our properties, which programs are offered on what properties and do we need to start over with a clean slate?”

The Council of Eastern Iowa says less than 10 percent of its members use the camps. Now the board of directors is considering selling all four and building a new, centrally-located facility instead.

Tuesday the board opened up the idea to public discussion. Scouts and leaders are worried about what the Girl Scouts could lose if they give up the camps.

Lifelong scout Oni Kinsey said, “It’s a place where girls can be girls without the fear or pressure to appeal to boys. They learn camaraderie with each other; they can grow in ways that they can’t just in troop meetings or in other kinds of experiences.”

Girl Scout Katharine Cummings added, “There’s all these activities that you can do at camp that are so much fun, like horseback riding and tubing.”

An online petition has been started to save the camps.

The board of directors will vote on the issue on March 28th.

Thanks to our sister station KWWL for this story.