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ETHICS HEARING: Sorenson Complaint Dismissed

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An Iowa Senate ethics committee met Wednesday to discuss three complaints filed against one of their own.

Milo senator Kent Sorenson is accused of ethics violations that allegedly happened while he worked on Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign in Iowa.

The six person panel voted to dismiss the charge claiming Sorenson failed to disclose his financials as a consultant.

As for the other two allegations, that he received PAC money and stole a mailing list, the committee says it can't act until the accuser provides them with evidence of wrongdoing.

“Senator Sorenson is innocent until proven guilty and it's the job of the person who filed the charges to provide the proof,” said Sen. Sandra Greiner, (R) Washington.

Peter Waldron of Florida filed the complaint against Sorenson last month.  Waldron worked on the Bachmann campaign as an evangelical outreach coordinator.

"This is a very serious allegation," says Sen. Joe Seng, (D) Davenport.

Seng voted against dismissing the one complaint and tabling the other two.  Then committee has the power to call for a special investigator.

"I’d hate to make a decision as a legislator not having all the information forward.  I think that would be the best avenue to go," says Seng.

The Ethics Committee will reconvene at an undetermined time to decide what to do with the remaining ethics complaints against Sorenson.

"Unfortunately, I guess I'd say he is in limbo," says Greiner.

Sorenson did not attend Wednesday's hearing. He released a statement following the hearing saying, “The Committee clearly saw that this charge was absolutely baseless on the face of it.”

He also said he’s looking forward to this process being finalized and getting back to work.