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MANAGER RESIGNS: Past Sex Crime Controversy

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The interim city manager in Centerville has resigned after news spread that he is a registered sex offender. The city contracted with 37-year-old Kevin Stocker earlier this month and then found out Stocker was convicted of enticing a minor in Blackhawk County back in 2006.

Centerville Mayor Jim Senior has only one regret about hiring Stoker... that Stoker quit after news of his past spread.

"The only thing I care about and cared about at the time was was he capable? Was he good? Did he do his job right? He was excited about helping us out. He's a good guy. Got a good attitude." Senior said, "I just hate to see people crucify him. There are people that are just after this guy to destroy him. And I think that's just horrible”

Mayor Senior says Stoker didn’t break any laws by not telling the city about his past, and he did not work around children. Stoker declined to comment.